Sharper Images in Low Light

Hello fans and friends, 

I've been getting a ton of e-mail and social media messages asking me how to get sharp images. It's not exactly something everyone gets right in my view. But everybody has a style they choose and stick to because when it comes to being a pro photographer, you need a special style that nobody else has. that's what gets you the money in the bank. 

Nick Urso catches Jordan Espinosa in mid-air.  1/1250 f2.8 5000 iso

Nick Urso catches Jordan Espinosa in mid-air.  1/1250 f2.8 5000 iso

Well, I don't mind sharing knowledge as long as it doesn't take away from my working time. Here is a short answer. 

When it comes to low light motion photography, like bands or sports, shutter speed is the most important setting. I don't care what anybody says about ISO or aperture or whatever, you get a high shutter speed like 1/1250 inside a venue then you're going to have the sharpest images you've ever seen at f2.8. In fact, I personally sacrifice everything else. High ISO cause softening and loss of contrast and detail, blah blah, don't let any of that stuff scare you. I guarantee you that if you have the right ISO setting with a high shutter speed you'll get sharp images. Because that's how I do it. 

Byelka Soto cracks Salina Valdez 1/1250 F2.8 ISO 2000

Byelka Soto cracks Salina Valdez 1/1250 F2.8 ISO 2000

Another secret that I have is that I go into my picture style in camera and turn up my brightness and lower my contrast when shooting in jpg. I turn up the sharpness to where I like it and set my white balance to make the color more interesting. It changes for every venue and every lighting setup, so there's no way I can tell you a specific setting. But I just set it to my liking. The easiest way to do this is to use live view. Most cameras have an exposure preview in live view. Canon has it, sony has it, and some newer Nikons have it.

I almost never raise my aperture in low light events. I keep it as wide open as possible to capture everything in focus. It's important to have a good lens with a wide aperture for this sort of thing. I also recommend zoom lenses like 24-70, 70-200, at f2.8 because you can't always move around at events. 

If you haven't been practicing in manual, and you haven't experimented with shutter speeds and contrast levels and played with your ISO... you could put your camera in auto mode. I don't recommend it... because a camera isn't smart enough yet to capture things on auto settings. When that day comes I will probably be out of a job, who knows. But if you do use auto mode, use shutter priority. Set it to a shutter speed that freezes the action without blur. Again, it's different for every scene, and different speeds require high shutter speeds. For an MMA event I like 1/1250 this seems to capture just about any kick or punch. Rarely is someone so fast that they can blur out at 1/1250. 

Josh Huber smashes Clay Wimer's nose with his signature superman punch! 1/1250 f2.8 ISO 3200

Josh Huber smashes Clay Wimer's nose with his signature superman punch! 1/1250 f2.8 ISO 3200

So get your cameras out, raise those shutter speeds, and get to an acceptable ISO setting, put your aperture at the widest (lowest number), and start shooting. If you like your settings but not the look, check out your picture styles, change the contrast and brightness and sharpness. Check your live view in exposure preview mode! Make sure you are getting the shot you want, not the shot you think people will like!

Keep shooting, and always improve your own unique style!

The Professional Photographer

"Oh come on now, I just point and shoot and the image materializes on social media as a masterpiece with 16 likes. Crawl on the ground where I stand you pheasant!

I do not need a pro camera, no expensive ass glass. I could walk out of Toys R Us with a 'feed my froggy' cam and fall asleep on it! Taking magazine cover after magazine cover!

Photoshop? Lightroom? Aperture? Psh. I do my editing with a fine tooth comb in the scorching desert heat and nothing but a damp cloth. How is it damp you ask? Wouldn't you like to know! I am a natural my friends and so I shall be a naturalist. Who needs those ridiculous climate changing lights when you have a giant ball of fire in the sky and windows? The world turns and night time comes and people go in doors and everything gets blurry! Motion blurry! But hey, you know what I say? I say pay me in advance, Bucko!

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The best part of it all is that they wonder how I do it! I got so many haters hatin up on me like all week and every day from like B.C. To A.D. I haven't the faintest clue myself. I was chosen and in my dreams I saw the letter A and the letter P. But the M, it was on fire! So hot! Ouch! You get it right? Don't touch it? So yeah, like, I never touch the M. I make sure I keep my fingers off that part of the dial. You got it right? Because I would go to hell, see?

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Sometimes I'm just sittin' in one of them cheap lawn chairs, staring up at the stars. It's like they speak to me, you know? They're saying, "Stop fucking around, faggot!" 


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leave me the hell alone,

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Smash Hit

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#1 Sam smash hit bitch!

Just Legalize It

Alcohol related deaths - 100,000 per year with very little medical use (at low doses)

Cigarette related deaths - 480,000 per year
No medical benefits whatsoever.

Aspirin and NSAID's - 10,000 deaths per year

In 2014 almost 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids.

As many as 1 in 4 people who receive prescription opioids long term for noncancer pain in primary care
settings struggles with addiction.

Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids.

Many prescription medications have long lists of side effects that many people don't even know about and take them.

All of these are legal, you can buy over the counter, or require a prescription. Hell, some people just hand out aspirins from their desks at work. No problem.

Many people depend on caffeine and sugar to keep them awake and energized. Both have very little medical use and those are at low doses which many people ignore and consume in massive quantities. They probably consume it just because it makes them feel good when they do it.

High fructose corn syrup is in a lot of things, it has been linked to obesity because it may prevent the bodies ability to lose weight. People consume it because... they probably have no idea they're consuming it most of the time since it's in bread and some milk even. They consume it because companies are too cheap to put regular sugar in their products, and it's sweeter than regular sugar.

All of these are totally legal and did not require any clinical studies to be made legal.

Marijuana deaths per year - 0

Although some people say it could cause deaths, there's no proof of any of what they say it does. No studies have been done to prove the so called negative effects on people.

However, many people report positive effects. Many studies report positive effects. Many people, myself included who use it regularly have no negative effects other than panic attacks and paranoia which go away rather quickly and with regular use don't come back at all. That's not to say that people don't have problems with marijuana... it's not even close to what people have problems with from what's listed above.

Yes, some people use it just to feel good and be happy, some people also drink tea and get massages just because they want to feel good.

Schedule 1 drug. Illegal. You can go to prison just for having it.

The medical uses are through the roof in comparison to those listed above. Not only is it a pain killer that doesn't cause addiction or kill you from overdose, it is also being found to treat cancer and seizures.

Besides that hemp (something that has no psychoactive effects) can be used for a wide range of things. I won't list them all but some of them are fuel, clothing, nutrition (yeah, it's good for you to eat and drink), housing...

Yet it's illegal... how many people die or go to prison just because the plant is illegal? How many private prisons, oil companies, pharmaceuticals and drug dealers are profiting just because it is illegal?

You're against marijuana? What the hell for?


The Reason I'm So Bad With Women

I'd like to thank my mother and father for the one night stand in the refrigerator that led to my conception. My mom had a special way of solving silly problems. She lived in the hot desert, how else was she going to have cool sex? Plus it's no wonder my middle name is General Electric. 

When I was a kid I always knew when Mom and Dad were having sex, because the food was in the bedroom and the kitchen door was locked. One day, I forgot to check the bedroom first and went for the kitchen door, and Dad walked out. I hadn't had a haircut in awhile and as he shook his head with obvious disapproval, he said to me, "Son, people with long hair do drugs!" 

So, I went to school thinking all the girls were on crack. 

There were numerous moments like these throughout my childhood and still to this day I have problems with women because of it. For example, recently I was at a bar having a drink and this lady was staring at me like I'm some piece of meat. After awhile I got annoyed so I shouted at her, "Hey lady, what's going on here, do you think I'm hot?"

She just shook her head and said, "No, I'm a cannibal!" 

I'm sure you can imagine the look of horror, but actually I felt a little sorry for her. You know? Because it's not like a cannibal can go out to eat or anything. They have to do all this planning and following people around, waiting for the right moment to strike. All that work just for a brain burger or a heart sandwich. But if they ever do open a restaurant, do not go! You sit down at the table and there will be a sign that says "Today's Special" with an arrow pointed at you! That's when you realize you're saying the name of the restaurant... "Hey, where'd everyone go?"

So, as you can easily imagine I felt so bad for this cannibal at the bar I actually considered dating her. How nice of her to mention such a thing right up front like that. Hey, we all have problems, right?

Mine just happens to be that I'm bad with women. 



I'm fascinated by my own mind because I'm aware of myself. It's simple when you put it like that, but actually, who knows how someone's consciousness is able to exist? Why are we not just like a cup on a stove? It's extremely interesting to me that I'm able to have my own conciousness and be able to project it to others. I've read many things about how it is just part of your brain the makes chemicals and electrical signals that allow attention and problem solving abilities. I've also read it's some magical thing that an invisible man put into bodies and we're supposed to serve him and love him or something. The truth is nobody knows exactly what conciousness is. 

I often wonder if I could somehow project my conciousness further without a device like a phone or computer. Because that's basically what we're doing right? We're projecting our consciousness further than what our voice can usually go. Will there ever be a mind network where we're all connected without devices all the time? No matter what you think anybody can tap into it and know whenever they want. Kind of like facebook is now except you wouldn't get to decide when your thoughts are known. Maybe it would be that you can decide who can access your thoughts, whatever it is that may be... would you want to be on a mind network? I'll just mind call Jane, I know she's there. It is her mind I'm calling after all. 

I also think about being able to move my consciousness into another body. Forget all the surgery that someone like Frankenstein would do, swapping out brains from one skull to another. It may be possible that's the only way realistically (although who knows if taking someones brain out doesn't just end them), it's an interesting thing to think about. If they'd be capable of just extracting your conciousness with some technology, and inject it into another body without ending someone else's consciousness. If that is something that becomes possible, would you do it? Jump bodies? Would you always be the same gender? Stick with human? Maybe just be a bird for awhile? I think that would be fun, just imagining being able to do such a thing is fun on it's own. What would I feel like being a bear? I'm limited as a human by certain things, like that I can't fly. But if I became a bird I wouldn't be able to talk or open a jar. It's kind of bizarre to think about... 

If I did transfer my consciousness, do I get to keep my memories or are they locked in the brain I experienced them in? Is my consciousness and my memory the same is what I'm asking. Maybe my memory is just chemicals of events that my brain is able to keep, and my conciousness is able to pick up on them with electrical signals. I haven't the slightest idea exactly what memories are, but I have read that they're in different areas of the brain... so if you did jump and memory is part of the brain that doesn't include consciousness would you have any memory of your previous body? Probably not right? So, then what would be the point of jumping if you couldn't even remember it? But if we can't remember at all and it is possible, is that reincarnation which then goes back to the invisible man in the sky who created us theory. 

What if the invisible man in the sky isn't the God some people believe in? Maybe he's just a scientist who figured out how to transfer consciousness and has us all on a network. Forcing us to endure different bodies and species whenever he feels like it. Maybe sometimes when he's extracting a consciousness he accidently extracts some memories nearby in the brain that survive the jump... and those are the people who remember their past lives? Maybe this all happened centuries ago and they developed the technology to leave Earth and are on some other planet sending signals and jumping consciousness for the pursuit of knowledge. What happens when this conciousness endures the life of a beetle? Ah, interesting, he walked under a human foot! 

I'm not sure what a consciousness is, or if it will ever be possible to jump. It's most likely something all living things with a brain have and is a common result of chemicals and electrical signals but becomes unique with experiences and information. If that's the case, does that mean everyone is capable of the same things providing they were lucky enough to have bodies that perform equally. Meaning they aren't deformed in way that's different from a regularly occuring body... I'm almost starting to confuse myself, but if you're still on the same page... does that mean we would all react the same way under the same body type? Or is  consciousness actually unique somehow and it will be whatever way it is meant to be? Is that what the scientist jumping consciousness's trying to figure out?? AAAAAAAAGH!

Alright, so if it's none of that, and consciousness really is part of some magical being like God... what's the point? Is he just doing it because he can, if so where did God come from and the reason I'm asking is does he have a consciousness himself? Does he really give a crap about all these other conciousness's he's printing up and tossing around into bodies? Is he aware of himself or is it just some chemical and electrical signals that is dumping out little consciousness's, totally unaware, into bodies? Are we all part of the same thing? Like the universe is what people think is God and we're all connected and we just don't know it. I'm sure you can tell I could go on forever with my fascination of consciousness. 

So if we're all just part of some unaware universe pumping out conciousness's connected to each other doesn't that bring us back to being able to mind call people? What about telekenesis? Surely if everything is connected we can move things with our minds and become whatever we think? But we haven't so is that just something we haven't figured out yet? Is it so rare that only some people found out they can do it and that's how there are actually mind readers? Just like you know, some people can wiggle their ears and others can't?

I wouldn't have to think about this stuff for this long if we could just get a solid answer on what consiousness is. Until then I guess I'll just have to keep this never ending nonsense in my head. 


What is your idea of freedom? Because mine is being able to go out and hunt for my food and build a home on land. I can do whatever I want then right? But if I did they'd want property taxes and hunting licenses.

If I didn't pay them they'd take my home, put me in jail or kill me if I tried to fight for it. They'd prefer to throw me in jail because they get money from people who think they're "free" to have prisons and jails to throw people into when they aren't part of the system that forces you to do something for their valuable paper that you call money and for putting dangerous people into of course. 

What if I don't want to be part of that? No choice in the matter whatsoever. That's not freedom, right? So, I'm a slave to corporate and government. So is everyone else in this country. Just like you, I'm not willing to die or live in jail for freedom. I wouldn't be capable anyway, because nobody is raising any hunters or survivalists and to learn how, you have to pay for it.