Nick Gonzalez vs Gilbert Cuhen - Jackson's MMA Series XIX (135lbs)

Nick Gonzalez vs Gilbert Cuhen: Since Stephen Cervantes was suspended and unable to fight Gilbert took the fight, and what an amazing fight it was. Cuhen came out strong, landing a takedown and a flurry of punches that had Nick dazed, but somehow he recovered and started landing his own shots. Cuhen responded with smiles and dropping his hands, asking to be punched and Nick gave it to him, but did not let up. Cuhen launched spinning back fists in desperation but I believe he ran out of steam. Nick poured it on landing knees and body shots until the ref stopped the fight. Cuhen fell against the ref and collapsed to the canvas. What an electrifying fight that had the crowd on their feet screaming! Click or tap (on mobile) to scroll through the action! (May take a moment to load)